Quotes from Eddie Redmayne movies and TV shows

Osmund: May I ask, how did your husband die?
Langiva: Men like you killed him.
Osmund: Men like me?
Langiva: Men of God.

Griff: Where does the Church believe this pestilence has come from?
Osmund: I don't believe God is punishing us, like many do.
Swire: I say from France, where all foul things emerge.

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Dr. Hexler: Tell me about Lili... Where did she come from?
Einar Wegener: Inside of me.

Einar Wegener: I think Lily's thoughts, I dream her dreams. She was always there.

Hans Axgil: How are you Lili?
Einar Wegener: Entirely myself.

Lili Elbe: This is not my body, Professor. Please take it away.

Lili Elbe: I think that marriage is the single thing we should all hope for in life.
Hans Axgil: Really?
Lili Elbe: It creates someone else. More than just the two of you. Yes, I think it'd be terrible not to.

Gerda Wegener: I need to see Einar.
Lili Elbe: Let me help, please.
Gerda Wegener: I need my husband, can you get him?
Lili Elbe: I can't.
Gerda Wegener: I need to talk to my husband, and I need to hold my husband. Can you at least try?
Lili Elbe: I'm sorry.

Lili Elbe: So, what you're suggesting is that, uh, a doctor intervened. To correct a mistake in nature.
Henrik: He made you a woman.
Lili Elbe: No, God made me a woman. But the doctor... He... The doctor is curing me of the sickness that was my disguise.

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Newt Scamander: My philosophy is if you worry, you suffer twice.

Jacob Kowalski: I don't think I'm dreaming.
Newt Scamander: What gave it away?
Jacob Kowalski: I ain't got the brains to make this up.

Mary Lou: Are you a seeker, a seeker of truth?
Newt Scamander: More of a chaser.

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Newt Scamander: Dumbledore, why can't you go?
Albus Dumbledore: I can't move against Grindelwald. It has to be you.

Jacob Kowalski: Are you going somewhere?
Newt Scamander: No. We're going somewhere.
Jacob Kowalski: Genius.

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Balem Abrasax: Bring her to me... Now.

Balem Abrasax: My mother made me understand that every human society is a pyramid and that some lives will always matter more than others. It is better to accept this than to pretend it isn't true.

Balem Abrasax: Understand this, Mr. Night. I will harvest that planet tomorrow... before I let her take it from me.

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Marilyn Monroe: Don't forget me.
Colin Clark: As if I could.

Colin Clark: Let me protect you from all this.
Marilyn Monroe: What are you gonna do? Marry me?
Colin Clark: Why not? You could quit this. Forget Marilyn Monroe. Forget Hollywood. Let it all go. Just let it go.
Marilyn Monroe: I couldn't just give it up.
Colin Clark: Why not? Why not when it drives you crazy?
Marilyn Monroe: You think I'm crazy?
Colin Clark: I just meant you could be happy.
Marilyn Monroe: I am happy.
Colin Clark: ...Of course you're happy. You're the biggest star in the world.

Milton Greene: That's what she does, she breaks hearts. She'll break yours.
Colin Clark: I don't want your advice.

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