The Danish Girl
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Lili Elbe: So, what you're suggesting is that, uh, a doctor intervened. To correct a mistake in nature.
Henrik: He made you a woman.
Lili Elbe: No, God made me a woman. But the doctor... He... The doctor is curing me of the sickness that was my disguise.

Gerda Wegener: We went for coffee, and after... I kissed him. And it was the strangest thing. It was like kissing myself.

Dr. Hexler: Tell me about Lili... Where did she come from?
Einar Wegener: Inside of me.

Lili Elbe: I think that marriage is the single thing we should all hope for in life.
Hans Axgil: Really?
Lili Elbe: It creates someone else. More than just the two of you. Yes, I think it'd be terrible not to.

Warnekros: Mrs. Wegener, I do believe I can help your husband. But he won't be your husband when I've finished.

Gerda Wegener: It's hard for a man to be looked at by a woman. Women are used to it, of course, but for a man to submit to a woman's gaze - it's unsettling. Although I believe there's some pleasure to be had from it, once you yield.

Einar Wegener: I think Lily's thoughts, I dream her dreams. She was always there.

Hans Axgil: I've only liked a handful of people in my life, and you've been two of them.

Lili Elbe: This is not my body, Professor. Please take it away.

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Continuity mistake: The scene where Lilly meets the new art dealer. Lilly holds the brandy in 'his' left hand then right hand then left hand then right hand in different shots. (01:04:00)

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