Quotes from Bruno Ganz movies and TV shows

Tom Ripley: I would like to be your friend. But friendship isn't possible.
Jonathan Zimmermann: That makes me feel very comfortable.

Jonathan Zimmermann: I don't like people who buy paintings as an investment.
Tom Ripley: Well, you count me out.
Jonathan Zimmermann: No. I count you in.

Tom Ripley: I like this room. It's got a good feel to it. It's quiet and peaceful. Just like you. I envy you. The smell of paint and wood. Must be good to work here. Then when you finish something, you can see what you've done.
Jonathan Zimmermann: It's not that easy. Not that safe and easy. What do you make?
Tom Ripley: I make money. And I travel a lot. I'm bringing the Beatles back to Hamburg.

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Adolf Hitler: In a war as such there are no civilians.

Magda Goebbels: My Führer, I beg you to leave Berlin! My Führer, please. Don't leave us! What will become of us?
Adolf Hitler: Tomorrow millions of people will curse me, but fate has taken its course.

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