Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht

Trivia: The person who sticks his foot into the coffin and gets his toe bitten by a rat is the film's director, Werner Herzog.

Trivia: All rats used in this movie where imported from Hungary and were originally white. Only black rats can pass the plague, so all rats where painted black or grey right before the film shots. (01:33:35)

Vince van Riet

Factual error: On the left-hand side of Lucy's front door, you can see a blue and white shield. This is the trademark of the Dutch Heritage organisation, which protects monuments such as old city buildings. These signs did not exist in the 19th Century. (00:48:00)

Vince van Riet

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Count Dracula: Death is not the worst. There are things more horrible than death.

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Question: According to Werner Herzog, the rats that appear in the film behaved better than Klaus Kinski during the shoot. Is this true?

Answer: True, though the rats comment was deliberate hyperbole. Kinski suffered from mental illness much of his life. He was often volatile, erratic, disruptive, and sometimes violent on movie sets. Kinski and Herzog had a long professional collaboration but also a friendship pre-dating Herzog's directing career. Otherwise, though Herzog admired Kinski's talent, he probably would never have tolerated working with him; he is the only director who worked with him more than once. Herzog did a documentary about Kinski after his death, which included footage of his on-set rants. Clips are on YouTube.

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