Max Thieriot

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Gus: Another door? How do you open this one? Open sesame.

Gus: Wait a minute. If we're in prison, then our parents can't ground us, right?

Gus: You know what happens if we get caught, right? We go to jail forever. Like, until we're 21.

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Ryan: People don't notice all the secrets around them. Even though they're right in front of them, just hiding, waiting to be found.

Ryan: I want you Elissa... but I need Carrie Anne.

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Nancy Drew: Ned can I ask you a question?
Ned Nickerson: Mhm.
Nancy Drew: Can you tell when a girl looks at you and is thinking how much she likes you and is wondering if you like her and thinking how important it is for you to say how you feel before she says anything more about how she feels about you or anyone else they might be jealous of because she's already said how she feels how she's said in her own way?
Ned Nickerson: Uh, can you repeat the question?

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