Quotes from Freddie Jones movies and TV shows

Taran: I'm not afraid of the Horned King.
Dallben: Then you are a very foolish lad. Untried courage is no match for his evil. Just remember that.

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Professor Richter: I have become the victim of everything that Frankenstein and I ever advocated. My brain is in someone else's body.

Professor Richter: I fancy that I am the spider and you are the fly, Frankenstein.

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Ynyr: I came to find a king, and I find a boy instead.

Ynyr: There are kingly virtues other than bravery. Courtesy is one of them.

Ynyr: We three will go on. The rest will remain here.
Ergo: We four will go on. I'm not staying behind with these criminals.

Ynyr: We all risk our lives on this journey. My risk is no greater than yours.

Prince Colwyn: Lyssa.
Ynyr: She's alive.
Prince Colwyn: Where?
Ynyr: Stay still.
Prince Colwyn: Where?
Ynyr: For now, beyond your reach.

Ynyr: I seek the widow.
Lyssa Widow of the Web: Enter here, and die.

Ynyr: I cannot stop the sand.
Lyssa Widow of the Web: You cannot stop time. Go now. Save the other Lyssa.

Prince Colwyn: Who are you?
Ynyr: I am Ynyr.
Prince Colwyn: The old one?
Ynyr: Well, not as old as all that.
Prince Colwyn: You've come down from the Granite Mountains?
Ynyr: Yes. I'm needed now.

Ynyr: In the fortress you will need more than men and swords. You will need the power of the glave.

Lyssa Widow of the Web: These are the sands of my life. Accept them and the spider will have no power to harm you. But your own life runs out with the sand.
Ynyr: But what about your life?
Lyssa Widow of the Web: I give it to the girl who bears my name.

Ynyr: Do not use it until you need it.
Prince Colwyn: How will I know when?
Ynyr: You'll know.

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