Jonah Bobo

Quotes from Jonah Bobo movies and TV shows

[The astronaut is throwing food onto the table.]
Danny: Are you doing this to keep Zorgons away?
Astronaut: No, I'm doing this because I've been eating paste out of a tube for fifteen years.

Danny: Zorgons are the lizardmen. They eat meat and we are meat.

Danny: Wanna play Stratego?
Walter: No, you always cheat at board games.
Danny: But you can't even cheat at Stratego.
Walter: Trust me, you'll find a way.

Danny: Does cryonic mean ice?

Danny: Wow! Outer space.
Walter: No... it's just nighttime.
Danny: I don't know, Walter... it never looked so close before.

Danny: Your're gonna leave us alone in this creepy old house?
Dad: It's not creepy, it's old.
Walter: I like mom's better.
Dad: Well, so did she and now it's hers.

Danny: It's a black hole! Zathura is a black hole.

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