Louise Fletcher

Quotes from Louise Fletcher movies and TV shows

Dr. Lillian Reynolds: Don't goddamn me, Alex! Just don't goddamn me, sweetheart! And don't take my project! This is MY project! And I don't want to see it end up on some Defense scrap heap before we know what it's really about! You have no idea.

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Regan MacNeil: Was it in Africa?
Father Lamont: Yes.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: How do you know that?
Regan MacNeil: Well, it looked like something I saw at the natural history museum.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: But you weren't suppose to remember anything.
Regan MacNeil: I know.

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Principal Evelyn Doyle: I inherited the business from my late husband.
Richard Clark: I'm shocked.
Principal Evelyn Doyle: What? That a woman can run a business?
Richard Clark: No. That you were ever married.

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