Most horror movie revealing mistakes of 2012

1The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse pictureThe Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse (2012)7
2Silent Hill: Revelation pictureSilent Hill: Revelation (2012)5
3Prometheus picturePrometheus (2012)3
4Resident Evil: Retribution pictureResident Evil: Retribution (2012)3
5The Woman in Black pictureThe Woman in Black (2012)2
6Underworld: Awakening pictureUnderworld: Awakening (2012)1
7Frankenweenie pictureFrankenweenie (2012)1
8Sinister pictureSinister (2012)1
9Paranormal Activity 4 pictureParanormal Activity 4 (2012)1
10Cockneys vs Zombies pictureCockneys vs Zombies (2012)1



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