Most comedy movie revealing mistakes of 2010

1The Other Guys pictureThe Other Guys (2010)3
2Tangled pictureTangled (2010)3
3Kick-Ass pictureKick-Ass (2010)2
4Knight & Day pictureKnight & Day (2010)2
5The A-Team pictureThe A-Team (2010)2
6Red pictureRed (2010)2
7Little Fockers pictureLittle Fockers (2010)1
8Gulliver's Travels pictureGulliver's Travels (2010)1
9Tucker & Dale Vs Evil pictureTucker & Dale Vs Evil (2010)1
10The Spy Next Door pictureThe Spy Next Door (2010)1
11Spud pictureSpud (2010)1
12Hot Tub Time Machine pictureHot Tub Time Machine (2010)1
13How to Train Your Dragon pictureHow to Train Your Dragon (2010)1
14She's Out of My League pictureShe's Out of My League (2010)1
15The Back-up Plan pictureThe Back-up Plan (2010)1
16Grown Ups pictureGrown Ups (2010)1
17The Sorcerer's Apprentice pictureThe Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)1
18Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam pictureCamp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010)1
19Morning Glory pictureMorning Glory (2010)1



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