Most action movie plot holes of 2006

1Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest picturePirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)2
2Ultraviolet pictureUltraviolet (2006)2
3Snakes on a Plane pictureSnakes on a Plane (2006)2
4Night at the Museum pictureNight at the Museum (2006)2
5X-Men 3 pictureX-Men 3 (2006)1
6Poseidon picturePoseidon (2006)1
7Running Scared pictureRunning Scared (2006)1
8Shadow Man pictureShadow Man (2006)1
9Stormbreaker pictureStormbreaker (2006)1
10Waist Deep pictureWaist Deep (2006)1
11Casino Royale pictureCasino Royale (2006)1
12Zoom pictureZoom (2006)1
13Meltdown: Days of Destruction pictureMeltdown: Days of Destruction (2006)1
14The Sentinel pictureThe Sentinel (2006)1



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