Most TV revealing mistakes of 1998

1Charmed pictureCharmed (1998)45
2The King of Queens pictureThe King of Queens (1998)41
3Sex and the City pictureSex and the City (1998)24
4Will & Grace pictureWill & Grace (1998)24
5Dawson's Creek pictureDawson's Creek (1998)20
6That '70s Show pictureThat '70s Show (1998)4
7Karl & Co (1998)2
8Pokemon picturePokemon (1998)2
9The Powerpuff Girls pictureThe Powerpuff Girls (1998)1
10Cold Feet pictureCold Feet (1998)1
11The Backyardigans pictureThe Backyardigans (1998)1
12Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place pictureTwo Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (1998)1



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