Most movie questions of 1998

1Saving Private Ryan pictureSaving Private Ryan (1998)31
2Armageddon pictureArmageddon (1998)24
3The Truman Show pictureThe Truman Show (1998)21
4American History X pictureAmerican History X (1998)12
5The Parent Trap pictureThe Parent Trap (1998)12
6The Mask of Zorro pictureThe Mask of Zorro (1998)9
7Mulan pictureMulan (1998)9
8Rush Hour pictureRush Hour (1998)8
9The Prince of Egypt pictureThe Prince of Egypt (1998)7
10Blade pictureBlade (1998)6
11Pleasantville picturePleasantville (1998)6
12The Lion King II: Simba's Pride pictureThe Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998)5
13Bride of Chucky pictureBride of Chucky (1998)5
14The Negotiator pictureThe Negotiator (1998)5
15The X-Files Movie pictureThe X-Files Movie (1998)5
16Shakespeare in Love pictureShakespeare in Love (1998)5
17BASEketball pictureBASEketball (1998)4
18The Man in the Iron Mask pictureThe Man in the Iron Mask (1998)4
19Lost in Space pictureLost in Space (1998)3
20Stepmom pictureStepmom (1998)3
21Urban Legend pictureUrban Legend (1998)3
22A Perfect Murder pictureA Perfect Murder (1998)3
23The Wedding Singer pictureThe Wedding Singer (1998)3
24What Dreams May Come pictureWhat Dreams May Come (1998)3
25Enemy of the State pictureEnemy of the State (1998)3
26Ever After pictureEver After (1998)3
27Lethal Weapon 4 pictureLethal Weapon 4 (1998)3
28Six Days, Seven Nights pictureSix Days, Seven Nights (1998)2
29Run Lola Run pictureRun Lola Run (1998)2
30Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels pictureLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)2
31Sphere pictureSphere (1998)2
32The Big Lebowski pictureThe Big Lebowski (1998)2
33Star Trek: Insurrection pictureStar Trek: Insurrection (1998)2
34Meet Joe Black pictureMeet Joe Black (1998)2
35There's Something About Mary pictureThere's Something About Mary (1998)2
36Ringu pictureRingu (1998)2
37Deep Impact pictureDeep Impact (1998)2
38The Faculty pictureThe Faculty (1998)2
39Air Bud: Golden Receiver pictureAir Bud: Golden Receiver (1998)1
40Soldier pictureSoldier (1998)1
41Simon Birch pictureSimon Birch (1998)1
42Black Dog pictureBlack Dog (1998)1
43Apt Pupil pictureApt Pupil (1998)1
44Blues Brothers 2000 pictureBlues Brothers 2000 (1998)1
45Mighty Joe Young pictureMighty Joe Young (1998)1
46The Thin Red Line pictureThe Thin Red Line (1998)1
47A Bug's Life pictureA Bug's Life (1998)1
48Antz pictureAntz (1998)1
49Can't Hardly Wait pictureCan't Hardly Wait (1998)1
50He Got Game pictureHe Got Game (1998)1
51Smoke Signals pictureSmoke Signals (1998)1
52Deep Rising pictureDeep Rising (1998)1
53Pokemon: the First Movie picturePokemon: the First Movie (1998)1
54Who Am I? pictureWho Am I? (1998)1
55Practical Magic picturePractical Magic (1998)1
56Wild Things pictureWild Things (1998)1
57Halloween: H20 pictureHalloween: H20 (1998)1
58You've Got Mail pictureYou've Got Mail (1998)1