Most movie mistake pictures of 1996

1Independence Day pictureIndependence Day (1996)65
2The Rock pictureThe Rock (1996)15
3Romeo + Juliet pictureRomeo + Juliet (1996)10
4Eraser pictureEraser (1996)9
5Twister pictureTwister (1996)9
6Barb Wire pictureBarb Wire (1996)9
7Scream pictureScream (1996)8
8From Dusk Till Dawn pictureFrom Dusk Till Dawn (1996)8
9Happy Gilmore pictureHappy Gilmore (1996)6
10Escape From L.A. pictureEscape From L.A. (1996)5
11The Frighteners pictureThe Frighteners (1996)5
12The Truth About Cats And Dogs pictureThe Truth About Cats And Dogs (1996)2
13Mars Attacks! pictureMars Attacks! (1996)2
14Beavis and Butthead Do America pictureBeavis and Butthead Do America (1996)1
15Bound pictureBound (1996)1
16Broken Arrow pictureBroken Arrow (1996)1
17Space Jam pictureSpace Jam (1996)1
18Star Trek: First Contact pictureStar Trek: First Contact (1996)1
19Emma pictureEmma (1996)1
20Unforgettable pictureUnforgettable (1996)1
21Jingle All the Way pictureJingle All the Way (1996)1
22She's The One pictureShe's The One (1996)1
23Matilda pictureMatilda (1996)1
24Michael Collins pictureMichael Collins (1996)1
25Mystery Science Theatre 3000 pictureMystery Science Theatre 3000 (1996)1
26One Fine Day pictureOne Fine Day (1996)1

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