Most drama movie trivia of 1989

1The Abyss pictureThe Abyss (1989)10
2Field of Dreams pictureField of Dreams (1989)6
3When Harry Met Sally pictureWhen Harry Met Sally (1989)6
4Say Anything... pictureSay Anything... (1989)5
5Pet Sematary picturePet Sematary (1989)4
6Uncle Buck pictureUncle Buck (1989)3
7Born on the Fourth of July pictureBorn on the Fourth of July (1989)3
8Parenthood pictureParenthood (1989)2
9Lean on Me pictureLean on Me (1989)2
10Always pictureAlways (1989)2
11Great Balls of Fire! pictureGreat Balls of Fire! (1989)2
12Do the Right Thing pictureDo the Right Thing (1989)1
13Driving Miss Daisy pictureDriving Miss Daisy (1989)1
14Millennium pictureMillennium (1989)1
15Drugstore Cowboy pictureDrugstore Cowboy (1989)1
16Glory pictureGlory (1989)1
17The Trial of the Incredible Hulk pictureThe Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)1
18Prancer picturePrancer (1989)1
19Steel Magnolias pictureSteel Magnolias (1989)1
20All Dogs Go to Heaven pictureAll Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)1



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