Most movie deliberate mistakes of 1986

1Top Gun pictureTop Gun (1986)5
2Labyrinth pictureLabyrinth (1986)2
3Platoon picturePlatoon (1986)1
4Pretty in Pink picturePretty in Pink (1986)1
5Space Camp pictureSpace Camp (1986)1
6Three Amigos pictureThree Amigos (1986)1
7Crocodile Dundee pictureCrocodile Dundee (1986)1
8The Mission pictureThe Mission (1986)1
9A Zed and Two Noughts pictureA Zed and Two Noughts (1986)1
10Critters pictureCritters (1986)1
11Heartbreak Ridge pictureHeartbreak Ridge (1986)1
12The Money Pit pictureThe Money Pit (1986)1



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