Most movie revealing mistakes of 1965

1Thunderball pictureThunderball (1965)14
2The Great Race pictureThe Great Race (1965)4
3Village of the Giants pictureVillage of the Giants (1965)4
4The Sound of Music pictureThe Sound of Music (1965)4
5For a Few Dollars More pictureFor a Few Dollars More (1965)4
6The Party's Over (1965)2
7Von Ryan's Express pictureVon Ryan's Express (1965)2
8In Harm's Way pictureIn Harm's Way (1965)2
9The Sons of Katie Elder pictureThe Sons of Katie Elder (1965)2
10Cat Ballou pictureCat Ballou (1965)1
11None But the Brave pictureNone But the Brave (1965)1
12Shenandoah pictureShenandoah (1965)1
13A Charlie Brown Christmas pictureA Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)1
14Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines pictureThose Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965)1
15Help! pictureHelp! (1965)1
16Battle of the Bulge pictureBattle of the Bulge (1965)1
17The Eye Creatures pictureThe Eye Creatures (1965)1
18Monster a-Go Go pictureMonster a-Go Go (1965)1
19The Cincinnati Kid pictureThe Cincinnati Kid (1965)1
20The Greatest Story Ever Told pictureThe Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)1



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