Most drama movie mistakes of 1960

1The Alamo pictureThe Alamo (1960)34
2Spartacus pictureSpartacus (1960)11
3The Magnificent Seven pictureThe Magnificent Seven (1960)10
4Sink the Bismarck pictureSink the Bismarck (1960)10
5Pollyanna picturePollyanna (1960)7
6The Last Voyage pictureThe Last Voyage (1960)5
7Kidnapped pictureKidnapped (1960)4
8The Apartment pictureThe Apartment (1960)4
9The Grass Is Greener pictureThe Grass Is Greener (1960)2
10La Dolce Vita pictureLa Dolce Vita (1960)2
11Elmer Gantry pictureElmer Gantry (1960)2
12The Crowded Sky pictureThe Crowded Sky (1960)1
13Where the Boys Are pictureWhere the Boys Are (1960)1
14Inherit the Wind pictureInherit the Wind (1960)1
15Saturday Night and Sunday Morning pictureSaturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960)1
16Butterfield 8 pictureButterfield 8 (1960)1
17Sunrise at Campobello pictureSunrise at Campobello (1960)1