Most short movie mistakes of 1951

1Drip-Along Daffy pictureDrip-Along Daffy (1951)11
2Room and Bird pictureRoom and Bird (1951)10
3Ballot Box Bunny pictureBallot Box Bunny (1951)9
4Droopy's Double Trouble pictureDroopy's Double Trouble (1951)6
5Rabbit Fire pictureRabbit Fire (1951)6
6The Fair Haired Hare (1951)5
7French Rarebit pictureFrench Rarebit (1951)5
8Rabbit Every Monday (1951)5
9Daredevil Droopy pictureDaredevil Droopy (1951)5
10Cheese Chasers (1951)4
11Canned Feud pictureCanned Feud (1951)4
12Tweety's S.O.S. pictureTweety's S.O.S. (1951)4
13Putty Tat Trouble picturePutty Tat Trouble (1951)4
14Cock-a-Doodle Dog (1951)3
15Chow Hound (1951)3
16The Wearing of the Grin pictureThe Wearing of the Grin (1951)3
17A Bear for Punishment pictureA Bear for Punishment (1951)1
18Sleepy-Time Tom pictureSleepy-Time Tom (1951)1
19Jerry's Cousin (1951)1

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