Most animated movie deliberate mistakes of all time

1Beauty and the Beast pictureBeauty and the Beast (1991)4
2The Lion King pictureThe Lion King (1994)3
3Finding Nemo pictureFinding Nemo (2003)3
4Toy Story pictureToy Story (1995)3
5Toy Story 2 pictureToy Story 2 (1999)3
6Wreck-It Ralph pictureWreck-It Ralph (2012)2
7The Little Mermaid pictureThe Little Mermaid (1989)2
8Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker pictureBatman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000)2
9Bolt pictureBolt (2008)2
10Who Framed Roger Rabbit pictureWho Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)2
11The Incredibles pictureThe Incredibles (2004)2
12Toy Story 3 pictureToy Story 3 (2010)2
13Mulan pictureMulan (1998)2
14Team America: World Police pictureTeam America: World Police (2004)2
15Corpse Bride pictureCorpse Bride (2005)2
16Animalympics pictureAnimalympics (1980)2
17Cars pictureCars (2006)2
18Hercules pictureHercules (1997)1
19Osmosis Jones pictureOsmosis Jones (2001)1
20Hoodwinked pictureHoodwinked (2005)1
21The Jungle Book pictureThe Jungle Book (1967)1
22Pocahontas picturePocahontas (1995)1
23Ratatouille pictureRatatouille (2007)1
24LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace pictureLEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace (2011)1
25The Swan Princess pictureThe Swan Princess (1994)1
26The Simpsons Movie pictureThe Simpsons Movie (2007)1
27The Snowman and the Snowdog (2012)1
28The Care Bears Movie pictureThe Care Bears Movie (1985)1
29Geri's Game pictureGeri's Game (1997)1
30The Croods pictureThe Croods (2013)1



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