8th Sep 2006

The Village (2004)

Corrected entry: As Ivy and Mrs. Clack sit on the hillside talking about the sister, the first view of the greenhouse shows the candle-jars with no flames. The next view, 14 seconds later, shows at least four of them lit, with the same people sitting up against the greenhouse wall.


Correction: Being that there are fourteen seconds between the two non-consecutive shots of the same view invalidates this supposed mistake. The candles could have easily been lit during that time by one or more individuals. The fact that there are the "same people sitting up against the greenhouse wall" in the two shots is inconsequential.

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23rd Mar 2005

13 Going On 30 (2004)

Corrected entry: When Jenna is in her apartment as 30 for the first time, the boyfriend comes out of the bathroom wearing a towel. She doesn't see him enter the kitchen still wearing the towel. When Jenna puts her head down below her knees, the boyfriend comes out of the the kitchen, wearing only a "jock strap". When he comes out of the bathroom looking for conditioner, he is again wearing a towel, but apparently nothing beneath it (the infamous "thingy" scene).


Correction: He could have taken it off after he went into the bathroom.

16th Oct 2006

The Village (2004)

Corrected entry: When the Elders were in the "sick house" just before Ivy returned, the villagers start streaming from right to left to meet her. The young man who told the Elders what had happened to Ivy was also going from right to left. Ivy came to the building from the left. How did the young man know so much about what Ivy had done? He would not have had an opportunity to ask Ivy what happened.


Correction: He could have had the oppornunity to ask her. He could have ran back to tell others that she had returned, or another villager could have told him what had happened.

Corrected entry: As Pippin is searching for Merry on the field of Pellenor, he spots something, looking down within a few feet of him. The scene cuts to a longer shot, and Pippen must run fifteen or twenty feet to get to Merry.


Correction: He does not look directly down on the ground. He seems to be looking in the right direction/height to me.

20th Mar 2006

The Village (2004)

Corrected entry: If Lucius had a abdominal wound and infection, then he needed an antibiotic. How was Ivy supposed to get antibiotics in 2004 Pennsylvania without a prescription?


Correction: From the Ranger station. As we can see in the end, the Ranger station has loads more medicines and first-aid material than necessary, and the older Ranger (Shyamalan) seems to know about the people living inside the wildlife reserve. All this hints to that the Ranger stations were set up by Mr. Walker, and equipped with modern-day supplies the villagers may need in a crisis. Apart from this, certain plants and fungi have been used since the Bronze Ages to cure infections. It is not unlikely the villagers had a supply of these.


Correction: This is a character mistake rather than a movie mistake. Chris Cooper's character is under severe pressure.


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