11th May 2006

Saw (2004)

Question: What exactly happened to Dr. Lawrence in the end? He's crawled out of the room, sans foot and increasing amounts of blood, and Jigsaw makes his way out the same door less than a minute afterward.


Chosen answer: Saw 3D/Saw VII shows what happens to Dr Lawrence in the end. He burned his foot on the pipes to stop the bleeding and got out, but 3 days later Amanda came to the bathroom and killed Adam by putting plastic over his face.

Answer: It's unknown what happened to Lawrence until Saw 3D, where we see him crawl to a pipe and cauterise his wound to stop the bleeding, but passed out in the process. And Jigsaw arrives later, because remember he is in the bathroom with Adam and by the time Lawrence has cauterised his wound, Jigsaw has already woken up and left Adam behind in the bathroom and is on his way out, until finding an unconscious Gordon and would congratulate him on surviving his game.

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