15th Dec 2002

Black Hawk Down (2001)

Corrected entry: After Blackburn fell from the chopper, Matt quickly puts on his goggles to prepare to rope down. You can see he wore gloves on both hands. After Matt roped down, he attended to Blackburn. Watch his right hand placed on Blackburn's chest - he's not wearing his glove.

Correction: This mistake is just a result of poor examining of the movie. Matt ropes down and attends Blackburn. He is still wearing both gloves. Then we see the chopper leaving, then we see Matt again, now with only one glove. He had plenty of time to remove it for being able to examine Blackburn. You can't feel a pulse through a leather glove.

No one has ever fast roped without wearing gloves. You are relying on friction to slow you descent, and this would absolutely tear a hand without gloves to bits.


7th Sep 2006

Black Hawk Down (2001)

Corrected entry: When Grimes fires his grenade launcher at the technical, he does not put the special sights for it up and aim with that.

Correction: This is easily a character error since Grimes is inexperienced (or at least rusty) and a bit rattled with all the mayhem. The film even seems to acknowledge this since he misses and has to fire a second shot.

Correction: As an experienced operator with the M203 grenade launcher, its very rare to need to put the sight up. I used to just use the M16's rifle sight. Under 100m that's all you need anyway.


18th Jul 2017

Black Hawk Down (2001)

Factual error: After the second Black Hawk helicopter (Super 6-4) gets shot down, all of the crew members aside from the pilot appear to have been killed in the crash. In reality, all of the men survived the crash. They were later killed by the Somali mob, except for pilot Mike Durant who was taken prisoner.


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Suggested correction: Black Hawk Down is frequently regarded by many, including real participants of the battle, as a dramatization of what actually happened. Therefore some details will not match up to real events. This is simply one of those instances.

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