Okay my mistake but did they decline returning or what?


Answer: To add to the previous answer, Elisabeth Shue went back to Harvard to continue her studies which is why she doesn't appear in the sequel.

Answer: Ali was originally only supposed to have a very small role in Part 2. Elizabeth Shue declined to reprise the role because she was studying at Harvard at the time. I can't find any explanation online as to why Randee Heller was not in Part 2 and was barely in Part 3.


Answer: Like all studio executives they think mixing things up by bringing in new characters into different settings would keep the franchise fresh. Most of the sequels from the 1980's were given minor or major cast changes.

Continuity mistake: When Daniel is striking Chozen during their fight at the end it's right left right left. Yet at one point during a shot of Daniel's back he strikes Chozen twice with his open left hand when it should've been left right like the rest of the time.


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