Carla Nadia Greca

8th Jun 2018

Family Guy (1999)

Saturated Fat Guy - S15-E16

Continuity mistake: When Cleveland and Peter are in his car making sandwiches, Peter originally makes one sandwich that he splits with Cleveland. When the two men approach the car, saying they smelled something good, they offer $10 a piece for a sandwich. Peter then hands them each a sandwich that he couldn't have made that quickly.

Carla Nadia Greca

9th May 2018

Bob's Burgers (2011)

Presto-Tina-O - S4-E10

Other mistake: When Louise and Gene try to steal the candy bar from Andy and Ollie's pocket, they are at school eating lunch but the clock in the background says it's 5:20.

Carla Nadia Greca
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Suggested correction: I've been in plenty of schools where the clocks are wrong; either because they stopped running, aren't reset after a time change, or run too fast or slow.


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