11th Oct 2018

Skyscraper (2018)

Factual error: Will Sawyer puts his wife and son in an elevator - he is going to cut the cable that would put them in a free fall traveling through the floors that are on fire. He instructs her to pull or activate the brake (or magnets in this hi-tech elevator) allowing them to escape the burning building. Given that they are above the 90th floor the acceleration of the free falling elevator would create a force so great that it would essentially push them to the ceiling, which would put this lever completely out of reach.

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Suggested correction: They would float.

28th Sep 2016

Bait (2012)

Factual error: When the underground garage of the market is flooded, the car that Kyle and Heather are in does not flood. A car is not water tight like a submarine. Even though the water does not cover the top of the car, water would flood the entire car within minutes.


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