29th Apr 2022

The Invisible Man (2020)

Question: If she thought Adrian was dead, why didn't she immediately go back for their dog? She seemed to care for it at the beginning of the movie. When she goes back to the house, the dog is there, obviously in good health, who did she assume was taking care of him?


Answer: It's unknown, but having been so traumatized and terrified by what happened, Cecelia wasn't thinking logically and it probably didn't immediately occur to her. Returning to where one was mistreated and was essentially a prison would be difficult. Considering Adrian's wealth, position, and his large estate, she would know if there were others there, particularly after his supposed death-Adrian's brother, company employees, lawyers, security personnel, servants, etc. that would care for the dog. Cecelia didn't seem particularly attached to dog and she was mostly keeping it calm and quiet while attempting to escape. Also, Cecilia believed Adrian faked his death and she wouldn't risk returning.

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30th May 2020

Underwater (2020)

Factual error: The way the implosions were simulated isn't exactly accurate. At that depth, going from a pressurized suit immediately to unpressurized would completely crush you, to almost non existence. Instead, in the cases of Rodrigo and the captain, they seem to explode with such a force (an outward exertion of energy) that it blows everything and everyone back. The worst being Rodrigo, he "implodes" (as the movie says) but a regular sized (albeit torn off) human hand hits Norah on her helmet and I think there was a normal sized eyeball that floated by. Again, these parts would be reduced (or flattened) to an unidentifiable size.


11th Oct 2018

Skyscraper (2018)

Factual error: Will Sawyer puts his wife and son in an elevator - he is going to cut the cable that would put them in a free fall traveling through the floors that are on fire. He instructs her to pull or activate the brake (or magnets in this hi-tech elevator) allowing them to escape the burning building. Given that they are above the 90th floor the acceleration of the free falling elevator would create a force so great that it would essentially push them to the ceiling, which would put this lever completely out of reach.


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Suggested correction: They would float.

28th Sep 2016

Bait (2012)

Factual error: When the underground garage of the market is flooded, the car that Kyle and Heather are in does not flood. A car is not water tight like a submarine. Even though the water does not cover the top of the car, water would flood the entire car within minutes.


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