Michelle Ferris

Question: When the two girls get out of their car due to a flat tyre, they begin walking back from where they just came. Why didn't they keep walking in the direction they were going instead of back tracking?

Michelle Ferris

Answer: Because back tracking they know what's around. They've already traveled that way and know it's passable and relatively safe.

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Thank you.

16th Aug 2016

Saw V (2008)

Question: I was wondering why the man and woman in the last trap didn't use the woman from the bathtub to give the pints of blood? They could have carried her into the room because the door stayed open for about forty seconds.

Michelle Ferris

Chosen answer: Assuming the woman in the bathtub was able to be moved safely the amount of blood gained from her, while still being helpful, would probably not be enough to save the final two survivors from self harm. Without the heart pumping blood you would only get the blood that was in her arm at the moment. You would have to lift her or raise her so gravity would get other blood moving to get enough. Which the final two possibly could have done, but stress of the situation clouded their judgement.

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