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17th Apr 2021

Monk (2002)

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Question: How exactly does Monk afford to pay Natalie? Would he still get a pension after being discharged for psychiatric reasons? Is it ever mentioned (in-universe or otherwise) if he's independently wealthy or something? On several occasions Natalie tried to get the department to pay Monk more and tells Monk he can't afford things at times or his check will bounce, like he's broke.


Answer: Like a certain Poirot, he is paid by the case and thus has a lot of cases = lots of income.

Answer: He gets paid by the city on a case by case basis, and she gets paid out of that.

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Answer: Natalie is not officially employed by Monk, like an independent contractor she gets paid under the table.

That doesn't explain how Monk can afford to pay her.


Answer: He would have received a disability check, suffering from a mental illness qualifies you, the same as a physical injury, but would be limited to his therapy and living expenses.

Except he would be limited in what he could earn to receive payments and that wouldn't be enough to pay a full time employee.


30th Mar 2021

Monk (2002)

Mr. Monk Goes to Jail - S2-E16

Question: I think this is a mistake, but I'm asking as a question because I don't know enough about the TV in question. In the prison library, the inmates are looking for the remote, which the librarian had hidden. But the TV looks like one where the channels can only be changed by turning the dial. It appears to be a TV with VHF and UHF dials. Can a remote be used with that type of TV?


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