Other mistake: In the end credits, Gavin Greenaway, the conductor of the orchestral score, is credited as "Gravin Greenaway". (01:46:50)


1st Feb 2009

Carry on Spying (1964)

Carry on Spying mistake picture

Other mistake: When our heroes are on the conveyor belt in the rock-processing plant, none of the rocks are larger than two feet in size - especially having gone past a set of spinning saw blades - and yet they get sprayed by two steam nozzles, the highest of which is about six feet in the air, and the lowest is about four feet in the air. Clearly neither of these nozzles would have any practical use. (01:21:10)


16th Jan 2009

Carry On Cowboy (1966)

Other mistake: Johnny Finger is supposed to be a crack shot, and in his first scene he supposedly beats three guys on the draw simultaneously. However, as he goes for his revolver with his left hand, it goes off almost immediately whilst still pointing straight downwards. (00:02:45)


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