The Bourne Ultimatum

Other mistake: At the beginning of the New York chase sequence where Bourne is walking down the street, you can see an Asian man smiling right into the camera for a second.

Other mistake: When Jason is in the Internet Cafe in London he Googles for Sewell and Marbury, when he gets the results he doesn't have "The "AND" operator is unnecessary - we include all search terms by default. [details]" which should have been displayed just below the search box. (00:28:55)

Other mistake: In the end credits, Gavin Greenaway, the conductor of the orchestral score, is credited as "Gravin Greenaway". (01:46:50)


Other mistake: In the paper file regarding Project Blackbriar Jason Bourne's bloodtype is noted as A+, but on David Webb's dogtags it's O-. Since David Webb is his real identity, O- must be his real blood type. If Bourne was injured and known to have blood type A+ (as it is stated in the docs), the person treating him would believe he was capable of receiving A+, A-, O+ and O-. However, since his real blood type is O-, he is compatible with type O- exclusively. So this would mean a 75% chance of receiving the wrong blood type in an emergency.

Jacob La Cour

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