21st Apr 2014

99 River Street (1953)

Visible crew/equipment: John Payne leaves a theater after getting into a fight after being tricked by actress friend Evelyn Keyes during an audition. As he walks out the backstage to the back entrance, the shadow of a crew member (possibly the camera operator) can be seen on the wall as Payne passes by.



Continuity mistake: In the film Sam Waterson, Nick Carraway, goes to his first Gatsby party wearing white pants, a blazer and a striped tie unlike all the other men who are dressed in tuxedos. Later in the film attending another Gatsby party Carraway is wearing a tuxedo like everyone else. Yet, during a dance sequence in which several partiers are dancing the Charleston, we see Carraway appearing on the left side of a shot dancing while wearing the white pants, blazer and striped tie he was wearing at the first party.

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