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Corrected entry: When Tom Riddle is talking to Professor Slughorn about horcruxes, Slughorn mentions that you have to kill to make a horcrux as it rips the soul apart. Tom Riddle says, "Can you only split the soul once, for instance seven?" This shows that Tom was planning to make seven horcruxes, however he only intentionally created six horcruxes and as Dumbledore said in 'Deathly Hallows Pt 2', "You were the horcrux Voldemort never intended to make, Harry". Surely Tom would have said six horcruxes then, not seven.

Professor Lazarus

Correction: Sorry, but this incorrect, and the film has muddled it a bit. Riddle's (Voldemort) intent was to split his soul into seven pieces by making six horcruxes "in addition" to the soul piece left inside his body. He believed that "7" was the most magical number. Harry became an accidental horcrux, which then made seven horcruxes in all, plus the soul shard that was left in Voldemort. That made eight soul fragments total, but only Dumbledore, and later Snape, knew about the one inside Harry. It was only before his final confrontation with Voldemort that Harry learned he carried a horcrux. Voldemort never knew about the horcrux inside Harry.

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4th Sep 2011

Doctor Who (2005)

Gridlock - S3-E3

Corrected entry: At the very start, two people are in a car, but it's being torn apart by Macra. The woman says that they'd lied to the computer and said they had three people instead of two. Yet when the Doctor is in a car with the man at the bottom layer of cars, the man says that if they lied and said that they had two people instead of three, the wheel would automatically lock. (00:24:50)

Professor Lazarus

Correction: That's not at all what he said. The Doctor asked why he couldn't manually drive down to the fast line. The driver responded that the wheel was locked, as in, it's always locked. It only unlocks if there are three people in the car.


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