15th Oct 2005

A Bridge Too Far (1977)

Corrected entry: One major inaccuracy in the film was apparently intentional. The Nijmegen bridge, captured by Robert Redford in the film, was in reality stormed by British grenadiers. Producer Joseph E. Levine, who had largely financed the film with his own money, claimed that "having Redford win the battle was better box office".


Correction: On 20 September 1944, the 82nd Airborne Divisions 505th PIR launched an attack through Nijmegen to capture the (near) south end of the bridge over the Waal River, joined by British Grenadiers. The 82nd 504th PIR, with C CO. 307th Engineers, launched a simultaneous attack across the river to capture the north end of the bridge. A Battalion of 504th PIR led by Major Julian Cook did assualt the Nijmegen Bridge by crossing the Waal river to the north (far) bank. Gen. Horrocks British armor supported the attacks. As the 504th captured the far end of the bridge Gen. Horrock ordered tanks to cross.

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