Corrected entry: When Katniss leaves Peeta to retrieve the package at the cornucopia, there is no bag for District 1. The girl from District 1 arrives after Katniss, so it should have still been on the table. Another clue to the fact that it was never there is the 4 bags that were there were evenly spaced, with bags 2 and 12 being equally distanced from each end of the table.

Correction: At this point of the movie, there are Tributes alive only from four districts. Clove is from District 2, same as Cato. The girl from District 1 (Glimmer) died when Katniss dropped the Tracker Jacker's nest on them.


Corrected entry: If the ship couldn't be hit because of its shields being up, how did the bridge get taken out?

Correction: One attack was missiles fired at close range. The other was a turbolaser at the extreme edge of its effective range. They were completely different scenarios.

Correction: If I remember correctly, they decided to channel all power to rear shields in order to minimize damage from continued bombarding. Kylo's squadron attacks from the front, thus bypassing their defenses.


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