11th Jul 2005

Tremors 2 (1996)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Graboid is pulling the truck you can see that there is a gun rack and a gun in it. Right before they are about to hit the rock you can see that the gun falls off of the gun rack. The gun goes on and off the rack between the following shots. (00:30:25)

s1neater Premium member

19th May 2005

Darkness (2002)

Audio problem: In the beginning of the film when Mark and his family are having the party, the camera goes over to mark talking to some buddies. One of his buddies says "I'm warning you, it's not gonna be easy for your family to live in another country, especially for the kid's." You can see that he said something else or the timing is delayed when the shot goes to his face. (00:07:15)

s1neater Premium member

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