The Herb Garden Germination - S4-E20

Revealing mistake: Sheldon's laptop has gone through several strange transformations throughout the series, but in this episode it takes the biscuit - it appears to be a Dell XPS with the back covered up, but the shot of Sheldon chatting only to Amy shows a Mac keyboard, with the laptop running OS X.

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27th Apr 2009

Red Dwarf (1988)

Backwards - S3-E1

Revealing mistake: When Rimmer stands up from underneath the table, just before he says, "Thanks for your support" to Lister, listen very carefully and you can hear the stunt director saying "Action!" backwards. This shot was the splice point between the reversed and the regular footage. (I know this mistake is listed as being in the 'backwards version' on the DVD, but it is in the regular broadcast version too - you just have to listen harder for it.)

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25th Mar 2007

Mr. Bean (1989)

The Curse Of Mr. Bean - S1-E4

Revealing mistake: When Irma screams at seeing Mr Bean with his jumper pulled over his head, all of the other cinema patrons jump with shock - except for the woman directly behind the two of them, on the right of the screen. She just grins and laughs, forgetting that her character shouldn't be in on the joke.

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Alan Attraction - S1-E2

Revealing mistake: When Alan serenades Jill, near the end of the song, the guitar player removes his hand from his guitar briefly but the guitar part continues to play (it's being synthesised as part of the keyboard's rhythm track). (00:19:10)

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