Kimberly Fox

4th Apr 2008

The Mummy (1999)

Continuity mistake: When Imhotep's priests break out of the ground, we see a shot of Ardeth, Jonathan and O'Connell starting to shoot them. It flashes back to the priests and then back to the trio and we only THEN see Jonathan reach over and grab some revolvers from beside O'Connell to start shooting.

Kimberly Fox

4th Feb 2008

Pride (2007)

Continuity mistake: Right after they decide to become a team, Jim is walking to Hakeem's home and you see a little boy in a green shirt in three different places during the walk. The little boy is seen playing pattycake with a little girl on a car, then you see him running down the street and in the very next frame you see him kneeling at a flower bed.

Kimberly Fox

8th May 2007

Glory Road (2006)

Continuity mistake: After Texas beats Kentucky, Willie Cager runs up into the stands to hug his mom and it looks to be a very long hug but in the very next shot he is seen on the floor with the rest of the team and he is holding the ball in the air.

Kimberly Fox

9th Apr 2006

Blade: Trinity (2004)

Continuity mistake: When Hannibal and Abigail come to rescue Blade, Hannibal sticks the serum thing in Blade's mouth. Just a frame after that you see Blade still sitting with his head down and no serum thing in his mouth, then in the very next frame, it's back again.

Kimberly Fox

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