3rd Aug 2011

The Game (1997)

Question: Why couldn't Nicholas get his briefcase open when he was at Ansen Bear Publishing? I understand that CRS is capable of doing pretty much anything to him including his house, phone,and car, but it seems like it would be quite difficult to change the lock on the briefcase that he is almost always carrying with him.


Chosen answer: They wouldn't have to change the lock, all they'd need to do is switch the briefcase for an identical looking one.


26th Jul 2011

Iron Man 2 (2010)

Continuity mistake: During the Monaco part of the film,when Hammer and Christine Everhart are talking at the table and the camera is angled towards her,Christine is holding her phone in her right hand and her recording device in her left. When the camera changes angle to face Hammer and Christine stands up to leave,the phone and recorder change hands.


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