Corrected entry: When Kara asks James what his name is when they meet, he does not reply. However, several minutes later, when they are in the car, she spots the police and yells "James!" He never told her his name, yet she knows it.


Correction: It may only be several minutes of the movie's running time, but within the movie there has been an indeterminately long time, hours possibly, between those two scenes. It makes sense that Bond would tell her his name during that time. Also it's highly unlikely that Kara agreed to go along with Bond's plan without learning his name first.

Corrected entry: Bond uncovers a plot to transport raw opium in fake aid packages. He tastes some, a brown, sticky substance that looks like Marmite. However, in a previous Bond film, For Your Eyes Only, Bond uncovers a plot to smuggle raw opium in giant paper rolls. He tastes some, but the raw opium is a golden substance more like honey. How does the opium change colour?


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. It is obviously two different processing methods to refine the opium into different forms for transport. In "For Your Eyes Only" the giant paper rolls concealed barrels that held a liquified opium, in "The Living Daylights" the opium had to be transported in solidified blocks carried on horseback.

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