star wars freak

26th Jul 2004

I, Robot (2004)

Corrected entry: The police chief said that a robot had never committed a crime but a thief could tell a robot to commit a crime for him or he would kill himself, as the robot would have to do it according to the three laws.

star wars freak

Correction: That does appear to be a potential loophole, yes, but either it's never actually happened, in which case the chief's statement is correct, or, if it has occured in the past, then it seems quite likely that the police would consider the thief rather than the robot to be the guilty party, as the robot is being coerced into carrying out the crime, in which case his statement is still not unreasonable.

Tailkinker Premium member

19th Feb 2004

Jurassic Park III (2001)

Corrected entry: At the beginning when they lift off in the hanglider you can see that there are numbers on the top of the hanglider. I couldn't see these when they were in the air.

star wars freak

Correction: The lettering is on the underside of the parawing, not on the top, so you can only see it when it's viewed from below.


Corrected entry: Where did Leia get the dress that she was wearing in the Ewok village? She didn't have a pack with her, and there is no way the Ewoks could have had it.

star wars freak

Correction: They could have made the dress. It looks very similar to what the Ewoks are already wearing.

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