Killing Season

Factual error: This film takes place in the north eastern USA. During the beautiful scene with the large black bird soaring above, they added a close up of an Andean Condor. The Andean Condor only lives in South America; Peru, Argentina, Chile, etc.

Factual error: The rifle on the wall and the one thrown off the cliff are 73 Winchesters but in the middle where it is being cocked it appears to be a 94.

Emil Kovac: Now your turn. You tell me.
Benjamin Ford: War stories?
Emil Kovac: Yes.
Benjamin Ford: Most of those aren't true.
Emil Kovac: Most, but some.
Benjamin Ford: The ones that are, why would anyone want to talk about that?
Emil Kovac: How else do you keep the past alive?
Benjamin Ford: The past is dead, let's keep it that way.

Emil Kovac: You think a little pain will make me break?
Benjamin Ford: I sure don't know.
Emil Kovac: What if I like pain?
Benjamin Ford: This might be your lucky day.

Benjamin Ford: Are you proud of what you did? Or maybe you don't want to forget.
Emil Kovac: Sometimes things become part of you, whether you want them to or not.

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