Hare Trimmed

Hare Trimmed (1953)

Continuity mistake: When Bugs and Sam are duelling with their pistols, Sam marches out on the road and is run over by a bus. You can see Sam is holding his pistol when he is run over, but after a quick cut to Bugs we return to Sam, and his pistol is nowhere to be seen.

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Continuity mistake: When Bugs (dressed as Granny) opens the door to Sam, Sam is standing in the house and Bugs is beside the door. In the next shot, Sam is outside the house and Bugs is in the doorway.

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Continuity mistake: When Sam watches Bugs chase Granny around the house while he is sitting down on the couch, you can see that there is a small mirror on the wall behind him, but when Sam gets off the couch to confront Bugs, the mirror has changed into a picture of Granny.

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