Interview with a Hitman

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Continuity mistake: When Viktor captures Raffa, he puts a zip tie on his wrists. The excess zip tie parts hang off to Raffa's left. But as Viktor is putting him in the car, the excess is on Raffa's right.


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Revealing mistake: Right in the beginning of the movie, we see young Viktor holding a gun to a young girl, about to shoot her. The gun is a revolver and as it comes into focus, you can see there are no bullets in the gun. This is part of a later scene in the movie where Viktor kills his first two people. As he's shooting, you can again see there are no bullets in the gun.

00:01:20 - 00:23:10

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Revealing mistake: When young Viktor does his first two kills, he is using a revolver. I think a 38 Special by the looks of it. As he shoots, there is no kick to the gun.


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Question: While talking to Xavier, Viktor and his girl reference a movie that they hold the box of. You never see what it is or hear them say it. She says 'I never understood why he let the King live in the end.' What movie are they talking about?

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