That Darn Cat

Other mistake: FBI Agent Kelso believes a cat may be able to lead him to the location of a kidnapped bank teller. He has four other men trying to follow the cat. When Agent Cahill reports that he is stationed "west of Whittier Street," Kelso sticks an identifying pin on a large map but he puts the pin in a location east of Whittier Street.

Character mistake: Gregory Benson has shot a duck for dinner. It is hanging from a rope inside the back porch so it can age before being cooked. After Patti Randall's cat gets in the house and takes the duck, an enraged Gregory confronts her about her thieving cat. Patti later explains to her sister Ingrid, who had heard the commotion, that the cat had taken a duck from Gregory's "back porch", but Gregory had not told Patti where the duck had been hanging.

Continuity mistake: The streets and alleys are wet from a recent rain. Patty and Agent Kelso are following a cat. When Patty's boyfriend comes near, Patty lies on the ground next to a bush to avoid being seen. When she stands up, her clothes are completely dry.

More mistakes in That Darn Cat

Zeke Kelso: You mean you want me to tail the cat as if he's a person?
Supervisor, Mr. Newton: Unless it would be easier to tail him as a cat.

Patti Randall: Now, just a minute, Gregory, D.C.'s a cat! He can't help his instincts. He's a hunter, just like you are. Only he's not stupid enough to stand out in the pouring rain all day.

Wilbur MacDougall (Mr. MacDougall): Good night, old woman, I can't hear a word you're saying, but whatever it is, I disagree with you one hundred percent.

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