The Gingerdead Man

Factual error: In the scene where the Gingerdead Man is finally defeated, he fires a six shot revolver at the hero seventeen times without reloading.


Amos Cadbury: Now wait a minute, you mean to tell me that that.
Sarah Leigh: I know it sounds crazy. Amos, I don't know how it happen. It's only thing that makes sense even if it is Twilight Zone kind of sense.
Amos Cadbury: The guy that... killed Jeremy and your daddy? That you helped send to the electric chair? Millard Findlemeyer? Has come back from the dead... to get revenge on you... inside a cookie?

Amos Cadbury: If that thing is real, I say we grab that mother fucker and we take it in to Leno, Letterman. How much dough can you make from a talking cookie... heh dough, cookie, get it?

Millard: Save room for dessert cause I'm coming after you.

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