The Smurfs

Continuity mistake: Just before the Smurfs are returned to the Winslows, Patrick consoles Grace. She is wearing black tights under her white dress. Then the Smurfs return on pigeon-back, and miraculously she is now bare-legged.


Continuity mistake: When the cat was chasing Clumsy at the bench, Clumsy fell at the Anjelou box, and then Patrick suddenly covered the box with another box making Clumsy's box under that box. But at Patrick's apartment, Clumsy's box was at the top since he was peeking from it without any box at the top. (01:12:50)


Continuity mistake: In the scene in the department store one of the smurfs is eating M&Ms from a sack. There are 3 large cushions behind him coloured blue, yellow and orange but in the next scene there is no yellow cushion.

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Trivia: When all of the Smurfs are being thrown around by Gargamel's magic, one of them yells a Wilhelm scream.

Trivia: Joan Rivers makes a cameo as a guest at the Anjelou party.


Grouchy: Where the Smurf are we?
Gutsy: Up the smurfin' creek without a paddle, that's where!

Papa: I'm 546, I'm getting too old for this.

Smurfette: I kissed a Smurf, and liked it?

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