Green Lantern

Continuity mistake: When Hal is showing his friend how the ring works and has to "recharge" it, his grip on the lantern changes between shots. (01:09:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Hal gives the present to his nephew, the stuff on the night table changes positions between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Hal swerves to avoid crashing against the car in front, the car disappears from the side view and later angles when he passes it.

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Trivia: In the scene where Hal Jordan meets Sinestro for the first time and they start to fight, the shield that Sinestro conjures up is identical to Captain America's shield - it even makes the same noise when a bullet hits it.

Trivia: There is a post credits scene where Sinestro gets the yellow ring and gets the fear power.


Trivia: In 2006, a proposed comedic version of the "Green Lantern" film was pitched and a script was written by Robert Smigel, with Jack Black being circled to star. Smigel found the idea behind the Green Lantern Corp. To be full of comedic possibilities, since technically the "hero" could be fat, lazy, weird or goofy and merely had to possess the ring. In his script, Black would have played a reality-TV star who accidentally gets the Green Lantern ring as it is seeking out a "worthy" heir. The rest of the film would have been dead-serious and very true to the comics... Only with a ridiculous new "hero" as the Green Lantern instead of one of the traditional Lanterns like Hal Jordan or John Stewart. In the end of the script, Sinestro would conjure a Yellow Meteor of Fear to destroy the Earth, and Black's hero would become cocky and move the Earth out of the asteroids path to save it... Unwittingly causing great disaster by moving the Earth out of orbit. He would then use his powers to conjure up a version of Superman, who would comically save the Earth by reversing time like in the classic Christopher Reeves film. The idea was eventually dropped as the studio felt that while very funny, the script would infuriate fans who sought a proper serious adaptation.

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Carol Ferris: Hal, you're late! This test today - it's important.
Hal Jordan: I'm going to make you look good up there. Don't worry. Now, let's get these pants off and fly some planes.

Hal Jordan: When I'm flying, it feels like anything is possible.

Sinestro: Individually, we are vulnerable. Together, we are unstoppable!

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Question: In a post-credit scene, it shows Sinestro taking off his green ring and replacing it with a yellow one. What was the reason for it?

Chosen answer: In the comics Sinestro founded and led the Sinestro Corps, a group similar to the Green Lanterns, but they use the yellow part of the emotional spectrum: fear, rather the the green energy of willpower.

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