The Asphalt Jungle

Continuity mistake: Doc Riedenschneider calls on Cobby in a dark hallway with brick walls and a door in the end with a half-open transom. Through this door, in the adjacent room, there are several gangsters seated a table. They go down the hallway and enter this room. In the next scene they have entered and the seated gangsters are suddenly no longer there. Nor is there a transom over the door. The hallway viewed from this room has white walls now instead of brick.

Continuity mistake: A later scene shows one of the gangsters break through a brick wall to rob a jewelry store. The hole in the wall is different each time they enter or exit.

Continuity mistake: Before opening the safe, Doc Riedenschneider (the mastermind) is smoking a cigar while watching the preparation. Immediately after it is opened, his cigar is noticeably shorter.

Dr. Swanson: Well, he won't get very far, that's for sure. He hasn't got enough blood left in him to keep a chicken alive.

Cobby: Here's to the drink habit. It's the only one I got that don't get me into trouble.

Doc Riedenschneider: One way or another, we all work for our vice.

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