Season of the Witch

Factual error: Behmen and Felson land on the '"Coast of Styria", which was in Austria, a landlocked country.

Visible crew/equipment: End of the movie, the girl is looking down on the grave of Nicolas Cage, and then from the top of the screen you see a microphone dip into the scene.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the fight where the altar boy must prove his fighting skills, the sword changes hands between shots when his hands are up.

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The Girl: And you, Behmen! All you needed was a child to save. Someone to ease your pitiful guilt. Did you truly think that saving one ragged waif would change anything? Come, Behmen. Your sins are legion. How many innocent have fallen beneath that very blade?

Felson: What is that smell?
Behmen: That would be you.

Debelzaq: We're going to need more holy water.

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