Perfect Dark

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Continuity mistake: In the ending cutscene of the G5-Building level, you will see you have come out of a plain wall, which you blew down before completing this level.


Other mistake: In the final level, Mr. Blonde's Revenge, Mr. Blonde is the player, but several guards say "get her" before shooting the player. This mistake also happens when you play any level with Velvet as your buddy, because she says the same thing before shooting the guards.

Matthew Johnson

Continuity mistake: In the first DataDyne level, when the player punches Cassandra in her office, the necklace isn't on Cassandra's collar because the player has it. But then in the G5 Building level when the player sees Cassandra in the meeting room via Camspy, the necklace is back on her collar.

Matthew Johnson
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Trivia: After the end credits finish, a line appears saying "Perfect Dark is Forever."

Matthew Johnson
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Trivia: In the Chicago level, there is a piece of swiss cheese hidden inside the toilet seat in the bathroom.

Matthew Johnson

Trivia: In the Pelagic II level, the guards are wearing outfits similar to Mario because the game is published by Nintendo.

Matthew Johnson
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